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Publications In-Review:

Busse, M., Hawes, J.K., & Blatchley, E.R. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Direct and Indirect Solar Water Disinfection Processes in Low-income Settings. Submitted to Journal of Cleaner Production. Submitted to Environmental Science and Technology: April 2022

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Publications In-Revision:

Hawes, J.K., Ma, Z., Burnham, M., Yu, D. Employing decision theory to inform agent-based modeling of adaptation to water scarcity. Submitted to Ecological Modeling and Software. Status: Rejected and Under Revision

Book Reviews:

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Reports, public engagement, and other non-peer reviewed writing

Caputo, S., Dorr, E., Fox-Kämper, R., Hawes, J. K., Lelièvre, A., Newell, J. P., Poniży, L., Schoen, V., Jean-Soro, L., Specht, K., & Yaman, R. (2022). FEW-meter Final Report. Zenodo.

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Research in the press

Television features:

Conte, C. (2022, September 21). The impacts of urban gardening on gentrification. Denver 7 Colorado News (KMGH).

Radio features:

Batcheller, P. (2022, June 2). Urban gardens don’t lead to gentrification in Detroit, study says. WDET 101.9 FM.

Newspaper and written-word features:

Brasuell, J. (2022, June 3). No Connection Between Gardens and Gentrification in Detroit, Study Says.

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